Office 2010 - Delete email not closing and deleting anymore.

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Doug Spindler

I have a complaint from a user who is now using Office 2010. (Not sure when this happened but user says it happened after updates for Office or Windows were recently applied.

If the user opens an email message then minimizes or covers the message with other windows then goes to Outlook's Inbox/list of messages and deletes the message in the past the message would be deleted and the open message Window would close. (I seem to remember Outlook working like this.)

I just tried it with my version of Outlook 2010. I find if I open a message, then go Outlook's Inbox and delete the message the window with the message remains open. If I switch to the message window (which in the past would close when it was deleted), click on delete I receive an Outlook message, "The item cannot be moved. It was either already moved or deleted, or access was denied". The message remains open. If I close the message window the message is delete.

Anyone know if Microsoft changed this?
Is there an Outlook setting which will close an open message window and when it is deleted from Outlook's Inbox?
Doug Spindler

Sally Tang


I have tested on my side, both in Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, the results are the same.

Here is how I tested:


1. Open an email in the Inbox.

2. Go to Inbox and delete the email.

Result: The email window is still open.

3. Click the Delete button in the email window to delete the email.

Result: the email window closes immediately.

Best Regards,

Sally Tang

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