mails stuck in queue after SP1 upgarde

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hi all..

mails are getting stuck in queue after upgarde . everything was fine! but since yesterday mails are getting stuck for 2 or 3 users! currently one exchange 2010 sp1 and TMG 2010 SP1 + Edge on one machine!

when i open the the queue it gives an error

Microsoft Exchange
The remote pipeline has been stopped. It was running the command 'get-message -ResultSize '1000' -ReturnPageInfo $true -SortOrder '+FromAddress' -server 'mail.mydomain.local' -SearchForward $true -BookmarkObject $null -BookmarkIndex '-1' -IncludeBookmark $false -Filter '((Queue -eq ''mail\Shadow\28329''))''.
almost 26 mails are in queue! and the number is increasing! an idea? before i get a warning :))

Regards Shah. MCITP, MCMA, MCTS No claims (try at your own risk)


ok adding a bit more info!

i sent a mail to differnt accounts like

hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc

it successfully sens mail to hotmail, gmail but is delaying to yahoo and microsoft(assumed)

one thing is for sure problem is at edge end!

Regards Shah. MCITP, MCMA, MCTS No claims (try at your own risk)


and another stupid work the queue viewer is doing!!

it still shows the message that is delivered to hotmail... strange .. i have checked everything .. remote conectivity analyser etc .. everything is working fine!

resubscribe edge.. restart the service still same issue!

strange delivering mails to two domains out of 4 .. and is the delivered mails are too shown in the queue viewer!

Is this a problem with DNS??? the link we have taken from our source!

Regards Shah. MCITP, MCMA, MCTS No claims (try at your own risk)
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