Question of Exchange 2010 Installation - Organization Name

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Joe Tam

Dear Sir,
During Exchange 2010 installation, I can run the command line in Exchange 2010 disc setup file: setup /preparead /organizationName:ABC
It run successfully .
After I run the Exchagne 2010 GUI installation, then select the roles installation, it will ask me again the Organization Name: First Organization. I found that if I enter ABC, or even I use default of " First Organization" , it works successfully.
Do it has any issue, if I enter " First Organization" even I enter - setup /preparead /organizationName:ABC in the command line ? Will it any any side effect ?

Moreover, during the future installation, how can I double check the organization name if I have forgotten. Is it running a command : get-OrganizationConfig ?



AndyD_ [MVP]

You can see the org name via adsiedit under the config container at :

CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,

I would also check the Exchange Setup logs. That will tell you whats going on. If you are being prompted for the name of Exchange org, that means it wasnt ever created and does not exist yet since you can have only one Exchange org per AD forest.

( How big is the forest? Multiple AD domains? )

Joe Tam

Dear Andy,
I just test it in the single domain single AD lab environment. Actually, in the Exchange 2010 installation screen, it will prompt in every installation, I am sure that it is a complusory input screen during Exchange 2010 setup, because I have tried to install many exchange 2010 server. But just found an interested question why it asks me during every exchange server installation.
In this moment, everything works fine. When I use the Exchange management shell - get-organizationname, it shows abc. So I think it works successfully based on my command line. But I am not sure whether it will skip in the GUI installation of " First Organization" .
Any comment on it?


AndyD_ [MVP]

You get prompted for the org name everytime you run Exchange setup from the gui? I don't. As mentioned before, I would check the Exchange setup logs on those occasions you get prompted and see if it knows that org ABC already exists.

That smells like DNS or AD problems in the lab.

Joe Tam

Dear Andy,
I have reviewed the ExchangeSetup.log, it mentions that

- An Exchange Organization with name 'abc' was found in this forest.
So I think Exchange setup program is automatically detected under the log file mentioned, so I think it is matched with my get-organizationconfig command.


Gulab Mallah

The only thing i can think of is, AD Replication...

Well as its working fine we don't have to worried about it at least for now :)

Gulab | Skype: gulab.mallah

Brian Desmond -MVP-

You get prompted for the org name everytime you run Exchange setup from the gui even though it already exists? I don't. As mentioned before, I would check the Exchange setup logs on those occasions you get prompted and see if it knows that org ABC already exists.

That smells like DNS or AD problems in the lab.
Could be a permissions issue also if setup can't read the data out of AD.My Book - Active Directory, 4th Edition
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