How to Configure Multiple Exchange Accounts in Outlook 2010

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Mark Mathias

I need to help a user set up their Outlook 2010 to access multiple Exchange 2007 accounts simultaneously.

How is that done and here are a couple of other wrinkles:

1) They'd like all of the emails to be delivered to a single Inbox;

2) When they Reply to an email, the From: field should be the email address to which the message was originally sent; and

3) When they create a new email address, there should be a default From: address, but they should be able to change it.

I've not been able to find any documentation on any forums or Microsoft's Web site that would help me figure out how to do this, so any help you can offer would be appreciated.

Also, I've seen comments about needing Exchange 2010 in order to handle multiple Exchange accounts. Can someone please point me to where I can find out more about the need for Exchange 2010 versus Exchange 2007 on the back end?

Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays!

Mark Mathias

Diane Poremsky

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1. Not possible unless you use POP3 for the additional accounts.

2. The address will be the address of the account it was sent to - if there are multiple smtp addresses on the mailbox, it will use the default address as the from address. If you want to send from secondary smtp addresses you need to make an account for that address (pop or imap - use a fake incoming server address).

3. where are they creating the addresses? if in Exchange, the admin can set a default address.

You need to use outlook 2010 to open multiple mailboxes in the profile but can use pop or imap to open additional mailboxes in older versions. Exchange 2010 is not necessary - just outlook 2010.

There is an addin called lutec mask that makes working with addresses easier - also 'choose from' - (there are other utiltiies here that might also work for you.)

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