How to manage and configure antispam updates for Hub Transport antispam filter agents at "filesystem

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Hi, guys!

I have a question for pros. I've installed antispam transport agents at HubTtransport server, downloaded filter updates form, but I can't get: where are theese filters are stored and how are they applied? I mean, that when I configure " black lists" in Linux environment (for example), I have a lot of files with millions of URL's or smth like that and I point to the Daemon to which files or DB's to look for bad URLs. But where are these updates for Exchange are stored, how to look at them, how to edit?

I've read all technet docs like " understanding -" and " managing antispam features" for Exch2010, but never found information about how all this works at filesystem level, where Exchange catch these black lists, how are they crawled, how to edit them and so on?

I do not ask to describe me all that stuff - just link me to good information, or type smthn here :)

By the way, also I don't get how to change behaviour of spam - can I configure Exchange to drop all the spam to my mailbox?
Thanks for all replies!
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