When sending in Outlook 2007 font size changes to 120 intermittently.

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This started about 3 weeks ago. It does not happen every time and will only effect a word or a phrase or a line but never the entire email. It does not occur in the sent emails copy of the document but once it occurs resending the same email will duplicate the exact problem.

I have reinstalled windows, actually moving from Win 7 32 bit to Win 7 64 bit. As a result I reinstalled everything on the computer. I have all updates installed. I have tried running Outlook in safe mode but that does not help. I have reinstalled Outlook but forced it to create new .PST files and not imported any of my old data. I have run the latest updates of CA Virus Scan and it does not find any viruses or trojans.

Somasundaram Pandiaraj

You may also try restarting the computer in clean boot to check if any non-Microsoft service is interfering with the incoming mails.

Note: Ensure to restart the computer in normal mode after troubleshooting.
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