Adding a Win2k8 Domain User as a Local Admin or Power User in a Win7 machine.

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I have a user that needs local admin or power user privileges to his machine. He is part of a Win2k8 server domain. I have logged in as a domain admin and tried to add his account to the proper local group (Using Local Users and Groups under manage computer) but under the location selection, only the local machine is an option. The option to set it to the domain to add domain users is not available. I have done this many times with our XP boxes but this is a first time for a newer Win7 machine.

Some help or links to a guide please...


Kathleen Orland [MVP]

You understand this is an Outlook forum, not Windows 7?

After logging into Windows 7 with the domain account, perform the following:

1. Start Control Panel.

2. Select User Accounts icon.

3. The User Account window appears.

4. In the middle of the window, click Manage User Accounts.

5. The User Account Control window appears.

6. Provide the local administrator username and password.

7. Click Yes.

5. The User Accounts window appears.

6. Select Users tab.

7. Click Add button.

8. The Add New User window appears.

9. In User name text box, type the currently logged on user domain username.

10. In Domain text box, type the domain name.

11. Click Next

12. In What level of access do you want to grant this user pane, select a desired option, e.g. Administrator radio button.

13. Click Finish.

14. You are returned to User Accounts window and the currently logged on user is now listed in the Users for this computer list box as follows:

UserName Domain Group

<username> <domain_name> Administrators


Sorry, I did fail to notice that. I stumbled across the site when a search showed a very similar question that did not provide a working solution. Thanks for the answer, however the answer is just a GUI Wizard form of what I had already tried under the " Manage" section. Using your example I get " Error: The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed" . If I click the browse button for the domain, I get an error " The program cannot open the required dialog box because no locations can be found" . This is the same basic problem when trying to accomplish it manually.

The PC is on the domain and has been for some time. Any domain user has been able to log onto this machine. I have even removed it from the domain and added it again with the same results. This one has me stumped.
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