backing up and restoring pst files / no calendar or contacts

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I am trying to get setup with Outlook at home. I have used it at work before. First thing I wanted to know was how to back up and restore.

I found this link

Moving Outlook to a New Computer

I followed these instructions, and was able to get mail, and folders I had created for mail, but no contacts or calendar entries.

I am frankly surprised that something this important is this difficult to do. Couldn't there be a simple export/import, or backup/restore?

That aside, any suggestions on how to backup and restore everything in Outlook? As I say, I was able to get email restored using the pst file.

Thanks for any help.

Using office 2010, and XP. I want to upgrade to WIN 7, but don't want to start from scratch with outlook. I have configured outlook manually to retrieve a gmail account.

Russ Valentine

Had you followed those instructions using the correct data file, you would have all your data, Contacts and Calendar included. You either did not use the correct file or were using a mail account type that stores Contacts and Calendar separately. State your mail account type, precisely what you did, and how you ensured you were using the correct data file. Note: " gmail" is not a mail account type.Russ Valentine


Well you will have to help me out here, I do not know all the different kinds of email accounts, and was unaware that gmail had more than one.

I configured the account manually, POP3 So I entered incoming mail server, and outgoing mail server.

My first attempt was to go to new items / more items / outlook data file. I named and saved the file. The second and more successful try, I just went to the outlook folder that was created in my documents, and used the pst file that was automatically created.

Thanks for the reply


I forgot to mention that I had imported my contacts using a cvs file earlier, so my contacts were available for me to use before I copied the pst file.

Russ Valentine

Wow. These are some pretty inconsistent posts. First you say you " followed the instructions" at

Moving Outlook to a New Computer

Then you reveal that you did nothing of the kind. Your mail account type is POP3. Beyond that, we know nothing. Please provide an accurate and complete account of what you actually did. If you can't, I would suggest actually following the instructions in the link you said you were using.

Russ Valentine
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