Backup recommendation for Exchange 2010 SP1 on Hyperv 2008 R2

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I have a small client (about 40 employee) wishing to upgrade from their ISP POP3 to on premise Exchange 2010 SP1. They already have a Hyperv 2008 R2 server operational that utilize the Windows built in Backup feature with USB3.0 Disk rotation.

The backup runs daily and using VSS, backup all VHD files while they are running.

My idea was to load Exchange 2010 SP1 on that HyperV server without changing the backup starategy, backup the whole VHD file daily. If I need to restore a mailbox or email, All i would need to do is:

1- restore the VHD on the HyperV server

2- run it offline isolated from the network

3- Export the mailbox as PST and use outlook to extract emails

This isn't the esiest backup methodology, but it seems like it would work fine. Is there any problem that could arise from doing that ? corrupted VHD maybe ?

Gulab Mallah

Chances are that VHD will be corrupt, but there is something else

Have thought that for one mailbox you will have to work on entire server database...and the mails users are looking for you will have to do the PST and search for that email which is like ____

Now rather than doing this all the time, all over again and again and again.......why don't you go for a Back up Vendor who supports Granular backup and it will make like easier for you and your client.


Gulab | Skype: gulab.mallah


Thanks For sharing your opinion Gulab.

What makes you think it will get corrupted ? Have you had that problem with WIndows backup in the past. The client has been using the built in backup for one year and did a few VM restore without seeing problems. Exchnage is more intense though with the database so It might be different

I don't think we will have to restore more than a few times a year so using the built in backup might be enough especially for the cost saving


If you guys have any Feedback/suggestion to offer, please don't hesitate so I can make the best choice for my client
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