New setup of MS Office 2010 and Outlook on new PC but have old .pst file from previous PC Dilema

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I looked around the forums but did not see quite this particular question--

My new PC runs Win 7 Pro 64 Bit. My new MS Office 2010 install I believe is only 32-Bit but should still run OK on this OS (I hope).

Should I setup new Outlook with new .pst and somehow keep my old backup .pst file in some sort of archive file or combine old and new intoONE big .pst (maybe that's bad, file corruption issues?) or what? BTW-that old backup .pst has my old Calendar and contacts which I would like to have in my new version of Outlook.

My old PC finally died (blown capacitor and/or resistor(s) on the motherboard--tragic) but I did manage to have a backup .pst file saved on an external HDD.

Russ Valentine

That depends on just how "old" your previous PST file is. If it was created in an Outlook version later than 2002 (and is in the new UNICODE format), you should just use your old PST file rather than let Outlook create a new one. Fortunately, Outlook 2010 will let you do that when you first configure it, BUT ONLY if you choose the manual configuration option. Once you do you will have the option to use an exisitng PST file that will become the default and you won't have to deal with a new default file. Russ Valentine
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