There was a problem importing your contacts. (Online with Hotmail)

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I'm trying to import contacts from outlook 2010 x86 but can't seem to. I've tried dragging and dropping from my Outlook.pst contact folder to my Live account folder but I always receive an error: Cannot move the items. The nickname of the Contact or Contact Group name you typed is already assigned to another item in your Contact list. Type a unique nickname.

So I go to File>Open>Import/Export>Export to a file>Comma Separated Values (Windows)>(Contacts)>X:\\Destination

Where X is my drive and \\Destination is where I choose to save it and (Contacts) is the contact folder I'm exporting from. Now when I export the file and try to import it using my Windows Live account I receive the error: There was a problem importing your contacts.

However, Gmail has no problem importing my contacts. I'd normally just switch to gmail but I need it to recognize my contact groups and keep syncing as I update it which is why I'm trying to make this work with Outlook and my Live account.

I'm using Windows 7 x64 with Office 2010 x86


Russ Valentine

Outlook Connector was not designed for this purpose. Normally, there is no need to do what are attempting since your Contacts will always be available to you in your PST file. If you want to create a duplicate set of Contacts that you use when you are logging onto your hotmail account using the Web interface, then you would do that in the Web interface. Export your Outlook Contacts to a CSV file and import that file in the Web interface.Russ Valentine
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