Displaying value of task subject field as values from two custom fields

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This is what I've been trying to do. I have two custom tasks field. I'll call them [Field A] and [Field B] for simplicity.

I want the value of the "subject" field in tasks to display the values of both [Field A] and [Field B]. There's no mathematical calculation involved.

For e.g.

[Field A] = Description

[Field B] = 10

The automatically calculated value should be:

[Subject] = Description 10

This is the formula I tried:

Set initial value of this field (Subject) to [Field A] AND [Field B].

Outlook calculates the value to -1. I'm not really familiar with operands (only knowing something of their name exists); would be thankful if someone could help me out with this hopefully simple problem.

Happy Boxing Day!

For anyone who's wondering, I found out what went wrong. My fields A & B were marked as values, not text. Changing it solved the problem.
oh, solved... ) seen when posted ))

bad eng, sorry!

as I made the same task for custom form (calendar item frm, olk2003):

1. create new field TEXT type (on hidden frm tab), name = SummaryString

1.1 prop, value tab/ set init val, formula field, as my case =

[DocOutSUMM]-[PaymentCurrency] / [CntName] / [PaymentOK]

there's not calculation, only concatenate all fiels and chars, like:

"1000-USD / John / NotYet"

1.2 radio-swich set to "calculate automatic"

2. set for Subject (system)field:

on form/subj rhtclick/properties-value tab/value/initial field value PASTE= [SummaryString]

2.1 radio-swich set to "calculate automatic"

as result, subj/result field will fill automatic,

but no changes by hand will be saved, in table view, and

when open frm - field grey/read only.
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