Work Signature into Outlook 07 using WORD 07

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So i became a bit creative with a new signature in my work email. I wanted to imput our companies logo and a few other logo's that would have hyperlinks attached to them. Since i had the 2003 version at work before and you were able to imput a signature from word, i thought it would be the same. well its not. So my question (which i hope is not dumb but here we go...)

how can i imput a custom signature made up in 2007 word over to my 2007 outlook? i've tried to save it as html file in the signature folder and it doesn't show up after going back into the signature area in outlook. when you are in the signature area in outlook, it will let you imput pics and i can hyper link them but when i want to move them around to add words, it will not let you.

am i not doing something right? can anyone help? or is it just not possible?

let me know if anyone can...

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