How to setup signature with Outlook 2007 with external picture

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We used signatures for send "advertising" with our email wich change every month ...

With outlook 2003 I add the picture with his external link ( and when the external picture change each month when the users close and then open outlook the new picture is displayed in signature ...

With outlook 2007 that don't work because even if I add the picture with his external link when I save the signature outlook take in and to a local file ... it create a local folder with image001.gif and the html of the signature go to this local image and not to the external link ...

So when the external image change the users in outlook 2007 stay with the old (what is a big trouble because the images are for monthly promotion ... and when you send a email to customer saying that a product had a rebate of 2500 $ but it's wrong ... it's difficult to explain that's a trouble of outlook signature ...)

Can you give me a solution ? We used GPO so if needed we can change some settings by GPO ... or by login script ... we used Kixtart script ...

Thanks !
You need to set a reg key in outlook to use external pics.


Value name: Send Pictures With Document

Value: 0 to link, 1 to send pic.

(Same value works with 2010 too, just need to use the right path in the registry)
I try it but when I create my signature it always create local folder with image is it correct ?

the signature is XXXX and in the signature folder it create a "XXXX_files" folder with a file image001.gif in it wich is the localy saved and renamed to image001.gif ...

Same thing that before add the registry key ...

Thanks !
You need to set a reg key in outlook to use external pics.


So Diane...I have done this on several machines in an office, but ran into something interesting on both outlook 2010 and 2007 when editing the registry- that directory location does not exist. I can get to the final outlook folder on some, and even the options folder on some, but then no Mail folder. Any thoughts on where it would be? One issue might be that these are machines which have been updated from earlier versions of outlook, but I checked the other folders (8.0, etc) and its not there either.

It's odd that you don't have the full path, although Outlook only creates the keys if you change options that are stored in that path (most people do make at least one or two changes) - create it if it doesn't exist.
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