Share ost between connector and exchange cache mode = "everything everywhere"

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I want the best of both worlds; i.e.

Corporate exchange server synced to local ost thru cached exchange mode. => everything’s

on the server for backup + available in Outlook offline + available thru Outlook

Web Access + synced to WP7 phone + available in Windows Live Mail local email


Plus; I'd like outlook connector to sync the above to/from Windows Live Hotmail (normally a separate, unmovable ost). All of the above particularly for calendars.

Then, if I accept an appointment invitation

in outlook (exchange) &/or enter an appointment myself, it will show up in Outlook

Web Access and also in Windows Live Hotmail calendar. (NOTE: This is different

than showing the outlook and windows live calendars separately [side by side or

overlaid] in Outlook.)

Question; If I "move" Outlook‘s

cached exchange location to the connector ost --- can cached exchange mode and

outlook connector then share the same connector ost?

i.e. "everything everywhere".

Any other ideas?

Other method = outlook exchange =>Google

sync => Gmail calendar =>subscribed to/from Windows Live calendar?

Re: Share ost between connector and exchange cache mode = "everything everywhe

Hate to break it to you spammers - converting an ost to a pst ain't gonna help RGW, no matter how many times you spam this thread.
Re: Share ost between connector and exchange cache mode = "everything everywhe

Live mail client doesn't support Exchange server (unless you use POP3 or IMAP for mail-only). You need to use Outlook to open Exchange mailboxes using the exchange service.

The outlook connector syncs hotmail to outlook but separate data store is required - this is because its a copy of the server mailbox and anything in the folders in outlook is synced back to the server. If you deliver exchange email to the hotmail folders, all of your exchange mail is synced back to hotmail servers. Replying to the messages may result in the reply using the hotmail account, not your echange account. I'm not even sure its possible to select the hotmail account as the delivery location for Exchange mailboxes - but if you do, everything in the mailbox will be synced to hotmail and may be deleted from the exchange server.

If you want to sync calendars, you need to use a 3rd party tool to copy appointments to the other calendar - although, have you tried publishing the exchange calendar (requires outlook 2007/2010 - choose publish to office online option) and then subscribing the hotmail account to it? That would be the easiest method, otherwise, using a utility to copy the appointments will be the least messy method.

Note: if you want one universal inbox, you can use POP3 to download hotmail and deliver that to the exchange mailbox.
Re: Share ost between connector and exchange cache mode = "everything everywhe

FYI - this thread is closed because spammers would not stop posting links to their ost recovery products - even though recovering a corrupt ost (or pst) is not the question, problem, or the issue. For this reason, I am closing this thread to new posts. Legitimate users will need to start their own thread. Spammers can just go away. If a recovery product is needed, we suggest choosing from one of the products at
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