Outlook address book issues.

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I have a user with a fresh install of Windows 7 64 bit. Office 2010 was installed also. Everything worked great until we installed Adobe Pro 9 and Wordperfect 12. (for outlook we are not using exchange). Then Outlook popped an error saying could not start Outlook. I then modified it to run in compatibility mode and Outlook starts. Then took compatibility mode off and outlook continues to start without difficulty.
However, her address book went blank (contacts are all there). In the properties of the contact folder it is checked (and grayed out) to include this folder in the address book, and the Outlook address book is listed when I look at account properties.
I tried creating a new profile to no avail. I tried creating a new profile and creating a new pst file - to no avail. I tried uninstalling office, removing the folders inside roaming and local, reinstalled office; got the same could not start Outlook error - did the compatibility mode bit and got it to start - but the Address book continues to be empty.
Has anyone run across this before? I'm thinking that there must be some other preferences type folder other than those in Roaming and Local since her signature remained when I reinstalled Office.

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Don't use compatablity mode with outlook (and version) - its not necessary and can lead to other errors.

Did Word Perfect install a MAPI address book? When you look at the address book in Outlook, are you viewing the Contacts folder or some other address book? Is the radio button on the top set to More Columns?

Can't start outlook errors have several causes - one common cause is a corrupt navigation pane file. Restarting outlook with the /resetnavpane switch fixes it. http://www.slipstick.com/problems/cant_start_outlook.asp
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