Transfer Contacts from old computer to address book in new computer

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I bought a new computer, uses Windows 7. Used Transfer program from old computer using XP sp3. Transfer program said Office 2003 was there, but I still had to use the CD disk to install Office 2003. Evidently it had transferred to someplace because Outlook had all of my e-mail info in it before I went to my e-mail account. I use Outlook Connector with two Hotmail accounts. Everything was there. All my contacts were there. I did have to download Outlook Connector again because it wasn't there. Once this was done e-mail sends and receives just fine. However when you hit the To button in sending an e-mail and click on "Contacts in [e-mail account name]", nothing is there and I get the message:"The address list could not be displayed. The Contacts folder associated with this address could not be opened. . . ." I have read several Slipstick articles on transferring and setting profiles, but don't really understand which approach I need to use. I tried some techniques listed in the Knowledge Forum in MSN and one worked on one e-mail account until I turned the computer off and turned it back on--then everything was back the way it was before. Should I just remove both accounts and then relist them and let Hotmail reconfigure or what?

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Easy transfer moved the profile and data files but not the program - thats why you need to reinstall it but it worked when you opened it the first time. Easy tranfer tends to corrupt the profile, that's why you are getting the error.

For best results, you should make a new profile, although you could try repairing it - Go to Tools | Email Accounts, choose View or change existing directories or address book. Is the Outlook Address Book present? If it isn't listed, add it and close and restart Outlook. If it is listed, remove it and close then restart Outlook and repeat these steps to add it.

If that doesn't work, you need to make a new profile - see for the steps.
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