Please tell me what this is!

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Can someone please tell me what is going on with this email? this is an html file that is sent through our Client database program. It takes the code then inserts stuff like appointment dates and times automatically using code that is in the file. However whenever it is opened in an Outlook client you see this white gradient that overlays most of the email. you can still select and somewhat see the words underneath, but it's really annoying. I don't see anything in the code that would cause this, but Outlook is picking up something. Does anyone have any ideas? thanks.



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I'm guessing it is something in the code - save it as html and open it in a WYSIWYG editor. Also, it looks like a quoted reply (because of the next & last button) - if its not a quoted reply, definitely check the source code.
thanks for the quick response. I opened the source code and saved it as an html, then opened in Firefox. the email displayed without any issue. So it must be the quoted reply as you were saying. What would that look like? I'm not sure what to look for but i don't see anything strange at the place where the white occurs.

I uploaded the html file to here: you can check it out and see if you see anything.

thanks for your help!

> ..i was just reading and read that you can create a quoted reply by simply putting '>' in front of the quoted part. I wonder if that means that there is an extra > somewhere. I don't see one but i will keep looking.
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