OWA 2010 Nicknames Multiply

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Hello All!

Long time lurker, first time poster.

I installed Exchange 2010 recently and it has been rock solid aside from OWA nickname cache issues.

I created a test user and populated the contacts. I tried 2 things - I put all of the contacts manually into "suggested contacts" using outlook 2010. After about 5 min, logging into OWA nickname cache populated correctly whenever I started typing in the "To, CC, BCC" fields as expected. After a few days of use, I started to notice that some of the names multiplied in the list. Only a few of them - 1 name showed up 4 times, a few others showed up twice. So, I figured the cache was corrupt and I deleted the test user and started over.

I then created new test user, but this time, I only used OWA. I logged in, created all the contacts, then made an email with every contact in the "To:" field. As expected, the names were again cached correctly. It seems to have worked for about a week, but it is now doing exactly what the first test user did where one user shows up 4 times, and other users show up 2-3 times.

An interesting point to this is that the single name that shows up 4 times was the same in both test. The other names that showed up 2-3 times were random.

Either way, if I highlight and delete the name, it eventually re-multiplies.

I would think that this was not a form of corruption of the nickname file, as I would think it would not display anything at all.

Any thoughts?



Cathy Rhone

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Are you using the mailbox to send and recieve mail? If so, are you sending mail to the addresses that are duplicated? Are there duplicate contacts in Suggested Contacts for each duplicates address in the cache?
Actually, yes to the first two of the questions, the ones that are multiplying are being used to send mail to, but so are others that do not multiply. When I type in the name and it auto-completes, I am just selecting the first one that shows up in the list. The names are not duplicated in the contact or suggested contacts list, no.
Where were you headed with that line of thought, am I missing something about name caching and duplicating? (I thought it was smart enough not to duplicate names that were allready in the cache)



Diane Poremsky

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Outlook smart? LOL You'd think so, but there are times its pretty dumb.

Really no dupes in suggested contacts folder? I have a bunch duplicated (and that are already in contacts). In some cases, the display name is slightly different or there is a ' around the address but in many i can't see a difference but outlook thinks they are so it saves another copy. I haven't noticed many duplicates in the autocomplete cache as a result but i really haven't looked (i didn't notice any in a quick check - but i also don't prepopulate my list) - i know in the past i had dupes that had the apostrophe around the address.

If you don't prepopulate the cache, does it happen?

As an FYI - you don't need to put your contacts in Suggested Contacts. Suggested Contacts is used to store contacts from people you sent mail to who are not in Contacts - its the microsoft answer to people using the autocomplete cache as their address book and not saving contacts. It duplicates the OE feature 'create contacts for addresses i reply to' but avoids cluttering up the Contacts folder with useless addresses you may never need again. And if your autocomplete cache is cleared, you still have the addresses. OWA shouldn't be caching names just because they are in the Suggested Contacts folder - the autocomplete cache is a hidden message in the mailbox, not suggested contacts.

Do you have all the updates installed in Exchange? Are you using RTM or SP1?
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