Office11ShipAssert returned with WSE update

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OK Let's see how long it takes to go away.
I will research that and try it. Thanks.
I have decided to wait a few days to see if it goes away on it own again. I have downloaded and extracted dotNet if I need to do the repair.
And it ended Jan 31. No more errors in 6 days.
And now after patch Tuesday it's back. I will now repair net framework.
Repair didn't work from command line, so I went to uninstall and had the repair option. Started having the error on 3/3 again. I guess this just may be the nature of the beast.
There has to be something you have installed that most people don't... and there is a conflict with it and outlook 2010. Unfortunately, i have no idea what it might be. Do you have dev tools installed- Visual studio type stuff? Any updates come down for .net related crap? I know there was an outlook hotfix released recently but it won't be on autoupdates so we can probably rules out something for outlook. Not sure about office updates though.
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