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IMAP (1032) error...how to delete message?

Discussion in 'Using Outlook' started by ultimatebuia86, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. ultimatebuia86


    I just setup AOL account in Outlook 2010 using IMAP. All works well except that I get error at every send/recieve:

    "Your IMAP server wants to slert you to the following: 1275 (1032)

    The mail is not currently avialable."

    An archived thread explained that "1275" is the message number that is corrupt and I should delte that message. My question is..how do I find message 1275?

  2. Forum Admin

    Forum Admin

    Senior Member
    You just have to try to identify mail that has not been downloaded. In many cases, you can find the last message downloaded and its the next one - but if you are receiving new mail, that won't work.

    numbering is based on arrival date - #1275 is the 1,275th message you received. But, its not renumbered when you delete messages so you can't count messages. You can try viewing each message in outlook- the bad one should error when you try to view it. Or move all of the messages to a local folder in outlook and delete all from the server, then move them back to the imap inbox in outlook and resync with the server.

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