Max Recipent or maybe bad dynamic dist list

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So we have the group created in Exchange 2010 and we thought it worked great. When you look at the properties of the Group in EMC, select the conditions tab then hit the preview button it shows all mailboxes. (including mine)

But all users do not get the email.

When I go into Toolbox, Tracking Log Exporter, I find the message, I see it went to some, but not all. (It shows me the BCC list and I, for example, am not in this list)

Filter Settings = "The following specific types"

checked - Users w Exchange Mailboxes

Now under the <conditions> Tab, nothing is selected in Step 1, but step 2 says "Dynamic Distribution Group contains: Users with Exchange Mailboxes

When I hit
it shows me and all users, but all users are not getting a message when this group is in the BCC field.

Also, I checked for the maximum ## of recipients setting in the Org. Under Organization Configuration, Hub Transport, Global Settings, Transport SettingsGeneral - the maximum is set to 5000

Please help me..</preview></conditions>
LOL... users, can't live with them, can't live without them
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