Voting Buttons are Not Tracking

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I used Tracking of Voting extensively in Outlook 2003 and also had rules setup in Outlook 2003. It always worked in Outlook 2003. I recently moved to Outlook 2007 and setup the same rules. These rules don't move the original voting email from my sent and they don't move the responses out of my inbox. I have Outlook SP2. The tracking sometimes work if I specify custom voting options and must specify at least 3 voting options. I have not been able to track anything with only 2 voting options.

Does anyone know what else I can check or install?

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If you move the item from the sent folder, the votes won't talley. If you turn off the rule, tracking should work better.

Note that if the TNEF data blob is lost from the reply, the votes won't talley. This can happen if you scan email with an antivirus scanner.
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