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I have created an oft file through outlook 2007 which I intend to share with other users. For many of these users going through the New|Choose Form option would be to much (they want the ease of a single button push). I have spent most of the day researching single click options but have not had a great deal of success.

I have tried creating a hyperlink to the form on the toolbar but I get the good old "Outlook has blocked access to this form template file." error message. Is there anything I can do to stop this? Is there a better one click (or double click) method?

FYI - The template I created was based off the basic message template. Once this was opened I added three fields from the "Filed Chooser" option; one from the frequently used fields and two from the user defined fields.

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Since you get the blocked access error these solutions might not work - certain forms need opened through the forms dialog for security reasons. I'll have to double check, but i think custom fields are one element that forces this behavior.

Are you using Exchange server? One option is to publish it to the org library. Or copy the template to a public folder.

If not exchange, you can copy it to a folder in your mailbox (can do this in exchange too :)) - i use one called .templates so its at the top of the folder list.

You can save it to my documents and make a shortcut to it on the taskbar.


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Yes, I believe we are using an Exchange server although I do not have permission to publish files to the orgs library.

I did figure out how to publish the template to a folder in outlook using the information found at Now when a user is in the folder they can access the form through the action menu. One question I have on this is, can I assign a keyboard shortcut to this action item or better yet place a button on the toolbar that engages it?
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