Can I link custom designed forms to a specific calendar?

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I am designing a custom form (made from a meeting request template) for users/employees to reserve specific rooms and equipment for meetings in our building. I would like users to be able to fill out the form with rooms and equipment (which are resource mailboxes in Exchange), as well as specific date/time. I've gotten this far, but I have no idea how to link the form to a specific calendar (a "reservation calendar") so that when they request those rooms and equipment it will reserve those resources in the public reservation calendar that is in the Public Folders outlook directory.

Can anyone help? Thank you very much!
What do you mean by link the calendar to the form?

You can pre-address the forms to set the rooms and/or resources as Resources when you create the form.

While you can assign specific forms to be used in your own calendars, i'm not sure it will work for resource mailboxes. (Right click on folder, choose properties, forms). Public folders can be configured to use a specific form.

You can also try publishing the forms to respective calendar folder - users might be able to select it from the Actions menu as they can with forms published to their own mailbox. I'm not sure if users will be able to "see" forms published in other mailboxes though.
Well, first of all, I'm very new to Outlook customization, so anything I've learned is probably small potatoes for you MVP's : )

I learned that you can publish the form to a specific folder or calendar, so I've simply published my custom form to the reservation calendar I am using. Then I changed the property settings of the calendar to open my custom form as default.

It's not the cleanest solution, but it's simple enough and will work for my situation.
Ah... yes, that is more or less what Larry suggested. It's definitely the easiest way to do it.
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