Outlook's auto time zone update for meeting requestsHow to REMOVE or DISABLE?

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Hello, I'd appreciate advice on the frustrating problem I've come accross...

I'm using Outlook 2010 to send a meeting request to a person physically located in the SAME time zone. However, their email address (a hotmail acct) was originally set up in a different time zone and I believe this is what is causing their invite to have the WRONG meeting time every time I send something. How do I remedy this?

Details: We're both in Central Time Zone. Meeting recipient was originally based out of Washingtong (Pacific Time) and set up email acct there. Every time I send them a meeting notice the "WHEN" main subject line says the meeting is 2 hours earlier than it isn (even when I try and set the meeting request to Central Time CST)! The body has additional details with the proper time but you have to dig. Most importanly, I need to send to a large group so of people with varying email addresses (and I have no idea where those "originated") and I would like the correct info displayed prominently.

Thanks a million for any suggestions!

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Re: Outlook's auto time zone update for meeting requestsHow to REMOVE or DISAB

You can't do anything on your end when the problem is their computer - however, if you are concerned, you can put the time and time zone in the subject so they can easily reference the correct time without opening the appointment.

Did the person ever change the hotmail calendar to use their new time zone? They need to go to http://calendar.live.com/, click options and verify the time zone setting. I don't think there are other places to hide the time zone in hotmail, but the user should check email account settings too.

Outlook (or any calendar) should adjust the meeting for the correct time in the local time zone - you won't need to do anything if their computer time zone (and DST setting) is correct.
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