outlook to save copy of hotmail?

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How would I set up my outlook to download all incoming emails and sent mail from the hotmail website, so that when I delete them form my hotmail from the site it does not delete them from my outlook.... I am basically trying to get outlook to keep a "reciept" if you will of all my email traffic from hotmail while still being able to keep my hotmail.com inbox uncluttered. I also would like to be able to delete certain emails from the outlook and still have them on my hotmail email .... can any one help me out here?
That is a tough one - you could use POP3 to download all mail into outlook and the messages would be independant of hotmail. Whatever you do in outlook is not reflected online and whatever you do online is not reflected in outlook. However, this only works for the Inbox. Mail sent from hotmail online (or other computers) is not downloaded into outlook when you use POP3. If you rarely or never send mail online, this will work well.

The outlook connector creates a copy of the mailbox in outlook and anything you do in outlook is reflected online and anything you do online is reflected in outlook. It's easy enough to move messages from the hotmail inbox to a local store - this will remove it from online - but you can't 'hide' mail from outlook. If its in the hotmail folders, outlook is going to bring a copy down.
I used the Outlook Connector, followed the steps and it seems to work fine. I just went to Hotmail and deleted the junk mail & emptied the deleted folder. When I came back to Outlook those folders had not changed. I have to manually do the same in Outlook.
Did you press Send and Receive or wait for Outlook to do a sync? Changes online aren't updated instantly - it usually doesn't take more than a minute, but if the folders are large it will take longer. Also, firewalls and other issues can leep outlook from seeing the changes instantly. A Send & Receive should update it though.
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