indexed browsing for attatchments

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I've googled this in so many ways my eyes are crossed. I'm hoping someone here can tell me a couple of simple (or even convoluted) clicks that will solve this problem.

I have a user who I upgraded from OE to outlook 2003. When he inserts an attachment it goes to a typical browse window. In OE it would reduce his selection of files as he typed the name. In Outlook 2003 this is not happening. He has a rather large directory he needs to pull PDFs from daily and is complaining that this is adding too much time to the overall task of sending out billing info.

Thanks in advance.
Outlook doesn't do that - although it should use all the features found in the OS. Outlook remembers filenames so you can select from most recently used files.

To reduce the files in the view, type part of the name and *, then press enter - for example, out*[enter] will display all the files beginning with out. If you want all jpgs beginning with a, type a*.jpg
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