Sync Outlook 2010 Notes and Journal with iPhone 4

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I use Outlook 2010 connected to Exchange Server online at work, and recently got an iPhone 4. The sync for the emails, contacts, and calendar over the air is automatic. Unfortunately, it is not the case for Tasks, Notes, or Journal.

For Tasks, I quickly found a third-party app that does the job. However, I looked high and low for a way to do this for Outlook Notes and Journal, but to no avail. Can any one recommend ways or applications please?



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I believe you'll need an app for the iphone for Notes to sync. Or a different device - Notes is supported by EAS but the device has to support it. Journal is not supported by EAS, so you'd need a 3rd party sync tool. (

You can use OWA to access the mailbox and see Notes and Journal, but that won't download the items to the phone.

I'm not sure if any devices support journal sync natively - i know blackberry doesn't - it syncs notes though.
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