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Is it possible in Outlook 2007 to subscribe to RSS feeds from sites that require prior login if viewed in a web browser (e.g. an invite-only blog etc.)?
Yes, but not if you use the common feed list. You need to subscribe in outlook directly. Tools, Options, Other, Advanced to check the setting and disable it. Users report that it works if you add the feed by right clicking on the RSS folder to add, not using the Account settings dialog to add the feed. (I never use the Account settings dialog to add feeds). Also, some users report that duplication is more of a problem with these feeds. I haven't noticed a problem, but i only have one feed that requires a login.

Oh, i forgot to mention, you need to click Advanced button when you add it.
Which setting under Tools > Options > Other > Advanced? Is it "Sync RSS Feeds to the Common Feed List"? This one's been unchecked from the start.

However, there may be another problem. I always use the Account Settings to add feeds. Namely, I have feeds in another PST file in another folder, so the main PST's "RSS Feeds" is empty (apparently, this one being the only folder that has "Add a new RSS feed" from its context menu).
The location of the feed folder shouldn't make a difference.

I'm wondering if the feed provider is the key - i realized mine are all from sharepoint. The computer is not logged in to the network and i have to enter my user/password when i set it up - but it might be limited to sharepoint rss. I'll have to find a feed for a non-sharepoint site and check.

Did you try passing the user/password in the url? something like -not necessaily the best for security, but it might work.
OK, I tried the right-click adding. After I clicked the Advanced button on the second dialox box, I got this:

Outlook cannot download the RSS content from ....... because of a problem connecting to the server.

And the whole thing was over at this point. I tried two login-required Blogger blogs from, same thing. It may be a misconfiguration on their side, because trying to open RSS within Firefox (after being logged in) the browser would only display the message "User does not have permission to read this blog." (again, the blog was displayed normally in the browser).

Other than that -- is it only or can it be https instead?
At this point, I'd try it both as http and https - just out of curiosity to see if it worked. Whether i used it (assuming one worked), would depend on the reason for the security.
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