Autoarchive when contradicting company policy

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Is there an add-in or other way to autoarchive my .pst on my deskstop when the company policy set on Exchange is for no Autoarchive?

I would like to perform this task automatically rather than manually.

I get customer letters and responses to e-mail that I need to keep as reference.

The company turned off autoarchiving on the Exchange server to save space for teh general population.
Disabling autoarchive won't do much for saving space on the server since the archive is on the local computer, but there are other good reasons for disabling it.

My recommendation is to move or copy message you need to a new pst (at least until the compny disables pst files too. :)) This gives you better control over the messages you need to keep.

Otherwise, no, if autoarchive is disabled in Tools, options, other, archive, you can't enable it.
Thank you for the information.

Do you know if there is a software package or plug-in that will allow archiving and appending a archive .pst file rather than a backup? I would rather not risk over-writing a backup .pst file or need to remember to name the file differently. Having the software be able to be scheduled would be a huge plus.
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