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I was searching for help on this subject and found this entry

Honestly, you don't need a separate contact for each person - make one for the family unit, put the people you contact by email most often in the email address fields - i.e., do you send email to both mr and mrs smith and little jill and johny, or just mrs smith? I only send to mrs smith, so her email is email1.

(I don't care how many email addresses she has - I only record the one she

uses with me.) The kids names go in the children field and if I want to

record their birthdays, I put it in notes and may make an event on the calendar.

Is this advice still your view, and how do other users deal with Multiple mobile phone numbers. I have family members where I have Husband wife and two or three older children all with their own mobiles.

I like the idea of one family entry and using Notes and Events for Birthdays, but not sure the best way to cope with the mobiles. User Fields presumably is an option.
It is still our advice.

You need to start by asking yourself if you will use the email or phone or only need it for reference/emergency use. If you use it, you will probably want a separate contact for that person, but if you only want it 'just in case' then use the Notes field. Many smartphones sync notes and can dial any number, stored anywhere, as long as its formatted like a phone number, so you can still dial the number easily if you need to.

If you do call the kids (or both parents), they should have their own contact if you sync with a smartphone. It's confusing to have a bunch of numbers without labels identifying whose phone they belong to - its also easier to dial if each person has their own contact on a smartphone. If you call them by dialing from outlook, then they should have their own contact but if you dial the numbers yourself, then a single contact works fine.

Do you regularly email the kids? If not, then put those addresses in Notes for reference. If the address is hyperlinked, you can click on the address in the notes field to email them. Even if you do, outlook will keep the address in the autocomplete cache, so its less important to have it in the address book for when you hit To.
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