Business Card View Missing Address Line Breaks

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Outlook version
Outlook 2019 64-bit
Email Account (as MS Exchange)
In the Business Card view I occasionally find a record that is displayed without line breaks in the address field. For example:

As displayed with the contact record open:

1 Main St

Lavelle CA 55655

In the Business Card view.

1 Main StLavelle CA 55655

The only way to fix this is to edit some part of the address and save the record. Then the Business Card view will match the Address field view. Edits to other fields in the record have no effect on correcting the Business Card view.

First, I don’t understand why the Business Card view is showing incorrectly to begin with. If I open the record the address is clearly displayed properly, with multiple lines, and if click on the address button (Business, Home, Other) I can see that Outlook has properly parsed the Street, City, State, and Zip into the correct fields. So why is the Business Card view seemingly maintaining a separate field that somehow doesn’t always have the same data?

Second, as far as correcting the issue, is there any easy way to simply have Outlook “refresh” the address field of all records so that I don’t have to manually touch every record that has this issue?
You could use VBA to touch all of the contacts. As for why its happening, is there anything that links the affected contacts - ie, created in an older version, imported from another application, created or edited on a pda etc ? That's usually the cause of issues such as this.
Yeah. I'll have to prepare a VB script to touch all the contact addresses with something unique and then remove it. Thanks. I will mark this as solved.

As for the history of the records, it's hard to say. Almost all of the contacts in the PST have come over from previous versions of Outlook, but not all have this Business Card display issue. A small subset of contacts have been edited, and an even smaller subset created, by various versions of Windows Mobile devices over the years, but I can't say for certain that this is the common thread for the troubled records. Regardless, it seems very silly that Outlook would show the address parsed properly into the Street, City, Town, and Zip fields, yet the Business Card view doesn't format properly. Maybe there is some special character in the database that doesn't display but negates a line break (just a guess)?
Maybe there is some special character in the database that doesn't display but negates a line break (just a guess)?

Thats my guess - there is something with the end of line character that Outlook can parse in the address fields but can't parse in the busines card.
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