Removing time zone setting from an appointment / meeting: is it possible?

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If I create an appointment, I can set a time zone I want the time to be at. That's fine.

However, I cannot remove a time zone value from an already-existing appointment. When I click on the time zone button, the button remains "pressed" and there's no way of removing the setting.

I'm normally in GMT and it's a real pain for things like birthdays or bank holidays which are annually recurring all-day events: when I'm in a different timezone, the meeting spans over two days as it's offset.

Is there any way to remove the time zone setting for these or do I have to delete and recreate them all with no time zone setting applied?

It seems like a simple thing yet it's driving me nuts!

Thanks in advance :)
First off, learn to live with it for short term changes. Ie, if you are traveling for business or pleasure, don't change the all day events. (Use dual time zone display in outlook and you can see events in both your home and visiting zones.)

If you move to a new time zone, you have two options- export to Excel while set on the old zone, change zones, delete the all day events (use a list view), and import. (You'll also want to delete appointments from the excel sheet that don't need to be changed before importing.) Or get the time zone mover tool and let it move the apointments for you.

Time zone mover tool:
Thanks. So short answer is "no" then! :( and thanks for the suggested workarounds
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