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Alright I have had Office 2007 installed and working for almost 2 years (Windows Vista, Upgraded to 7). I tried to upgrade to 2010 for two weeks and could never get it to work. So I reinstalled 2007 and everything seems/ed to work fine......

I have a local Autodesk users group that meets once a month. So I send out e-mail blasts every month from Outlook using Business Contact Manager. The way it use to work;

I would create a brodcast document / e-mail in word. I would save it and get out of it and get into Outlook. Using BCM I would select the group of people I want to send it to and go to Mail Merge. Select Document File>(file name), set the merge type to e-mail and add the subject line. It would sometimes think I was still in the doc but would eventually go in. I would add my greeting to the doc and hit Finish & Merge at the top then Send E-mail.

This worked fine for two years....

Now when I do this it gives me some additional errors sometimes (sometimes not) to get into Word. But when I go to send it it changes the names in the greeting line as always. But it never sends the e-mail to outlook? It use to take about a half second to do each name and send the e-mail. Now it does all 100 names in about that time and Outlook never does anything?

I know I have a problem somewhere but where???
I'm guessing something with the failed upgrade and reinstall of outlook 2007 is at fault. i'm not sure if BCM is also at fault. I would do one of two things - repair office or uninstall and reinstall. I don't think you'll need to make a new profile.

Actually, if the problem is only when you use mail merge, close outlook andword, find and delete (or rename) the normal.dotm file then try again.

If you use win7, it's at %appdata%\microsoft\templates - paste that in the address bar of windows explorer and press Enter to jump to it. In windows xp, its %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\templates
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