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I have just upgraded from XP & Office 2003 to Win7 & Office 2010 after a crash. I have all of the accounts set up again with the old pst files. Have also since found out about the "merging" of labels into colour categories, but am having trouble reconciling them.

I started by setting up colour categories with names and colours, but when i assign them OL automatically sets the old 2003 label equivalent - I think based on the closest colour match between the two. So I then through trial and error mapped the new categories to match the old labels. Unfortunately, some of the old label colours map to the same category colour (maroon & purple, blue and dark blue, steel and grey).

Is there any way in OL2010 to modify the old OL2003 label settings? Where is this stored?

Hi Diane,

Yes, I've tried that. The trouble now is that when I assign a colour category, OL also assigns the corresponding label, based on the closest matching colour, and the label name isn't necessarily the same as the category any more. I'm happy enough to move fully to the "new world", but I need to be able to delete the old 2003 labels to do so.

Does anyone know where OL stores the 2003 label names and colours, or a way to edit/delete them?
That's easy - add the label field to the view. It's under the All appointment fields in the field chooser. Use a list view and group by the Label field - drag the appointments in the labeled groups into the None group to remove the labels. (BTW - you can do this in Outlook 2010.)
It's not the label assigned to the individual calendar item that needs editing; I can change them in list view (1 at a time, unlike categories that can be changed with lots selected).

What needs to be edited is the list of labels in the drop-down box. I don't want OL to assign a label - correct or otherwise - when i assign a colour category. I need to edit the list of labels OL2010 inherited with from my old 2003 settings and delete them.
The list of label names can't be changed in outlook 2010.
Does anyone know where they are stored? How did OL2010 know what labels I had been using on the old XP/2003 installation? Is it stored within the pst file? Can I copy the pst file onto another pc still with OL2003 and edit the labels there?
The lables are stored in a property on each item and also within the pst. Yes, you should be able to edit the list if you copy the pst to an Outlook 2003 computer. You might want to add the categroy in Outlook 2003 too - then when you move them to outlook 2010, everything should work as expected without a lot of extra work (not that you haven't already went through all that work.)

I don't know if that will be any faster than viewing the labels in list view and adding/removing categories - you can mass change categories by selecting all and right clicking (or use the drag and drop method mentioned earlier), then choose Categories or by editing the category name and color after Outlook creates it.
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