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I'm probably not the first or the only one with this question/idea, but anyway... is there a way to make my Outlook (or more precisely -- all my PST files, i.e. all email items, contacts, tasks, calendar, and possibly notes and RSS feeds) available from a remote location? So that everything would be on some home/file server, accessible from any computer/laptop/gadget in the house or elsewhere on the internet (at work, on vacation, in the park etc.). Like some "poor man's Exchange server" perhaps? Everything should be hosted locally (i.e. on my box, not at some 3rd party provider's account), and the "thing" would also handle downloading email from various accounts and updating RSS feeds. Pretty much what the local Outlook installation does today.

That is, apart from investing heavily into an Exchange server along with its hardware requirements... :)


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The only way I have seen is to use a plug-in for Windows Home Server called WHS Outlook.

It will allow you to install Outlook and access it from the WHS connector (any PC in your house) and the remote console (any PC with internet).

It does require WHS and the program itself. It allows Outlook 2003 thru 2010.

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That app uses remote desktop? You can do that without WHS (but are limited to one session at a time).

The only other way to acces outlook across the network is by storing the pst on the netowkr drive. However, this is not supported and can corrupt the pst. Only one outlook at a time can access the pst at a time.

Otherwise, you need a sync utility, such as one of the utilties at

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That is, apart from investing heavily into an Exchange server along with its hardware requirements... :)

You can get a hosted exchange account for $10/mo or less that will do all this - although it breaks the 3rd party cloud rule. :)

You can set up your computer to allow Remote desktop from the internet and leave it on and connected to the net 24/7 - but from a security standpoint, it would be better to use the cloud.

The bottom line is that there is no perfect solution for using outlook remotely without exchange server.


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Yep, Remote Desktop access was my first thought, but I was hoping there would be a better solution. WHS plugin and 3rd party hosting is out of question for the time being.

And there's probably no way MS will offer a version of Remote Desktop (for "end users") which would require a security certificate (present at the client's side locally or on a USB drive) and/or RSA securID? ;)

I know there's always VPN, but probably not that feasible for private use for now.

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I'm doubtful that they would use RD with a cert, but with strong passwords, its safe - if you don't mind leaving ports open so it works.

VPN is always the last choice for me - its slow. RD over VPN should be more secure though.
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