Add-In or Other to Make Outlook More "OneNote Like"?

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I really like OneNote, but I live in Outlook, and I've always felt that OneNote functionality should have been built right into Outlook instead of making OneNote a seperate program.

I'm curious if there are any other Outlook users that use Outlook for information management and if you have any tips or ideas. We also use Sharepoint, and I've even thought about possibly using that integration somehow, since Outlook has much deeper integration (direct folder integration) with Sharepoint than it does with OneNote.
The problem adding onenote to outlook is that outlook came about 10 years before onenote and many people were using outlook notes for little things that do better on a postit sized note (user names, passwords etc) - outlook notes are relatively secure and if using exchange, can be accessed anywhere. (Onenote is equally secure - but not really as easy to use for short notes, like usernames and passwords - its also less convenient for exchange users working remotely.)

Future versions may have better integration - or not. With the introduction of onenote in the web apps and it's syncing with skydrive, it makes sense to have it separate from outlook as I can use it without loading up outlook. I'm working on a project where we track things in onenote saved to skydrive. While I'd rather use email for some of the things we put into onenote (so i don't need to check the blasted notebook 3 times a day), it's working quite well. I don't think the experience would be as good if onenote were in outlook. (The project involves outlook - i can add notes to onenote while keeping the Outlook dialogs I'm writing about open on my screen, another plus, although only for this specific project)

Sharepoint is great... we link libraries to outlook, although with office 2010, we're using sharepoint workspace more. I haven't decided which i like better - document libraries synced to outlook or in sharepoint workspace (formerly Groove). Sharepoint Calendar and contacts definitely work better in outlook than the workspace.
Thanks Diane. Here is a solution I am playing with. I just created a shortcut in Outlook to an Evernote account. Now Evernote web actually shows up right within Outlook - pretty cool. Had to make a reg entry so I didn't get a security warning every time. Evernote finally added the ability add folders and subfolders, which previously was a deal killer for me. I really like that with EN the tags window is always open on the left in addition to the folder structure.

I tried OneNote with skydrive but felt it was a work in progress, really weak to be honest. Is it any better now? I use OneNote with Sharepoint instead but of course that's not a solution that is practical for most individuals.

Speaking of which, is there any way to get a Windows program to show up within the Outlook window? As I can for instance with a webpage?
The onenote web app is a work in progress, but storing onenote notebook in skydrive and opening it in onenote works well. The web app is not going to replace an installed copy of onenote, but it sure makes it handy to view the notebook if you don't have the app installed on the local computer.

You can't view a windows program in outlook - you can use Folder Homepages to view documents in outlook. This is usually HTML files but text files and jpg will also display - anything that displays in a browser should work in home pages provided outlook security doesn't block them. If the windows program uses an activex control to give browser access, it might work in a folder home page. You can also store documents in outlook folders - the only real reason to do this is to keep the file handy, or if you use exchange, access to it from anywhere. Office docs will display in the reading pane. Of course, with Sharepoint you get the same capability, although I think access and editing is easier in outlook.
You can't view a windows program in outlook - you can use Folder Homepages to view documents in outlook.

I was actually thinking more of folders, which I am almost positive I used to be able view and browse through right within the Outlook window in an older version of Outlook, it was either 2007 or 2003. My assumption is that after that, in their never ending question to solve security issues by locking things down, MS removed the capability. They use to also have the web browser built right into it, it appears they also removed that :-(. Or maybe that was related to the DOJ ruling.
oh, that. They removed file browser capability from outlook 2003, in part because admins couldn't use group policy to keep users from browsing files. I'm not sure why the web browser was removed (this was removed from 2010) - other than the fact that they decided Outlook shouldn't be a mini-os, that it should only do email & pim. Users could use it to bypass group policy on browsing, but a good network uses a proxy server to control interent access.
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