Theme changing when 2nd monitor

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 64 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
When laptop is by itself with no monitor plugged in, it looks normal, with a grey shade on the left pane so its easy to read text. See normal picture:

When a 2nd monitor is plugged in, it changes the way it looks to white all around, and icons seem to be at a lower bit-rate and Aero goes away (Just for outlook). See after picture:

All other programs seem to be unaffected. I have tried 3 different monitors of different size/resolution, and problem does not change. When 2nd monitor is unplugged, it does not go back to normal until a reboot.

Any Idea?


It looks like outlook is dropping down to 8 bit color. It's the video card, not the monitor, that is behind the problem (although I'm not sure whether outlook or the card is to blame). Check the card settings and see if anything catches your eye.

Is it the same if the monitor is connected when outlook is closed (then opened with the monitor connected)?
Didn't see anything in video card settings, and made sure it was up to date.

It does happen if monitor is attached first, and then outlook opens. is not 100% consistent, 1 out of 20 times it will stay OK when monitor is attached. Same routine is followed pretty much every time, so I don't know what could be different in those rare cases it works.

Is there a setting in outlook for how many bits it uses, because I couldn't find it? (Even if just it manually fix it after it happens.)


No, there isn't a setting but the outlook team is looking into the problem. AFAIK, they are still investigating and don't yet know the cause.
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