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I created an XP image using Citrix Provisioning server. All Xp updates have been done, all Office 2007 updates have been done.

The issue is whenever I attach a file, by right-clicking the icon and selecting SEND TO MAIL RECIPIENT, the following "new mail" window that pops up will stay on top of Outlook.

Meaning, the focus stays on the new mail window and I am unable to bring focus back to Outlook. If I ALT-TAB, Outlook isnt even an application available to switch to, even tho you can see it on the taskbar.

Conversely, if i open a new message first then click attach and browse for a file, it works completely fine.

I've tried using roaming profiles, local profiles, I've run "outlook.exe /cleanprofile" and "/safe", tried different types of attachments, tried different users, uninstalled and reinstalled office, ran office diagnostics....

There isn't anything on the net about this. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!
This is normal behavior and has nothing to do with citrix. See for a "fix" when sending from Windows Explorer (it only works with one file though). You can also save and close the message form and reopen it, although this is often more effort that dragging files to an open message form.

(Its on the net, you just aren't using the right keywords in your search - try adding modal to your search terms. Here is one of my tips about the problem -
That's great and all, but why wouldn't everyone in my company be suffering from the same issue. They all have thin clients with a local install of Outlook, and currently everyone can right click and Send To without a problem.

As soon as i started working on an XP image to send down to my users, this problem arose.

Is it because Outlook 2007 has no option to turn off Word as your email editor?
I don't know why its working for others - it shouldn't if they are using outlook and standard windows shortcut. It's not a new issue and it has nothing to do with word as the editor. Could they be using a shortcut that goes to outlook instead of the default send to recipient command? Or Outlook Express?
Well, not only is it working for others, I've never ever ever ever ever in over a decade of Windows experience seen this problem on any platform or any user.

As a matter of fact, If I open the document and click "Orb", send, Email, the same behavior occurs. The new message window will pop up, sit and laugh at me if I try to navigate back to Outlook before sending.
To echo what you've already been told, the behavior you are seeing is the expected behavior. I have no idea why it worked differently before, but its not because Outlook changed. This has been a complaint of mine with Outlook since day 1 (circa 1996).

Did you previously use Outlook 2000 with a POP3 or IMAP account and just upgraded to Outlook 2007/Exchange? The Internet mode version of Outlook 2000 may have behaved more like Outlook Express as it did not use Extended MAPI and many features that worked in Corp/Workgroup did not work with the IMO version. (I needed corp mode for Exchange server support and have no idea how IMO handled the Send to commands.)

I'm not aware of any hacks to make it work, except for the Send to shortcut already posted and a similar one that creates the shortcut in the registry, which I'm sure has been posted as an Outlook Tip at least once. Here are more tips they published:

I don't see the registry hack listed as a tip, but it is mentioned on the page posted earlier -
OK so in a fit of rage I went to the first floor and commandeered a users workstation and tried to replicate the problem.

I right clicked, send to, mail recipient. The message comes up, and....Outlook barks when i click on it because its waiting for that message to be sent :(

So, in a nutshell, I was completely wrong this whole time. The user actually told me that's the way its always worked! She said she has to send the email before she can access Outlook again!

Apparently, I don't have enough to do but to try to fix something that isn't fixable.

Sorry i wasted your time, I should have just went to the users workstation in the first place to verify this functionality.
LOL. not a problem. Outlook has a way of making everyone crazy. <g>
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