Block others from inserting appointments in your calendar

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How do you block others from inserting appointments in your Outlook calendar by email? Outlook 2007 - receiving emails from outside the company - these are automatically adding to the employees' calendars and will disappear if "decline" is chosen BUT we do NOT want emails from outside the company automatically adding to employees' calendars. Thanks!


Outlook version
Outlook 2007
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Exchange Server
Thank you for your reply. No, it's not coming in as a tentative appointment - it is a meeting request sent via email from outside our company. (File, new, meeting request) When the employee receives the email, it automatically adds onto their calendar (whether or not they accept, decline or even open!). Exchange server 2003 is what we use. We don't "share" calendars here, so the fact that someone can send a meeting request that automatically adds to the calendar is viewed as invasive (not acceptable). Thank you for any suggestions / solutions you may have.

Cathy Rhone

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Check in tools, options, Calendar options, Resource scheduling - do you have Outlook configured to automatically accept meetings?

Check rules - are you using a rule to run a script and automatically accept appointments?

Note that Outlook will add requests to a calendar as tentative. This can't be changed (AFAIK) unless you use Exchange 2007 or 2010. They will be marked with the hash marks to indicate tentative.


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