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Ash Stapleton

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Hi, I'm having trouble getting MYOB to send emails through Outlook 2010. A message comes up saying a program is trying to access outlook, and then I have to click allow after a 5 second delay. This is not practical for the 500+ emails I'm trying to send.

Is there a way to disable outlook security settings, or perhaps an automatic clicking program? The add-in from MAPIlab does not fix the issue either. Thanks
Do you have the latest version of myob? I thought they fixed it (but could be wrong). In any event, they need to release an update that fixes it - otherwise your options are the mapilab addin or clickyes. I'm guessing the problem with the mapilab addin is because you are using 64bit Outook. ClickYes might work better. - they have a free version.
Thanks Diane. We're running Retail Manager v11 with the latest updates. When I contacted MYOB they said they currently don't support Outlook 2010 which was released after v11, but they assured me their developers are working on a solution.

I tried ClickYes Express and that seemed to have solved the problem, so thanks for that. The curious side effect now, is that none of the attached invoices are being received by clients although they are showing up in the sent folder in outlook. I'm not completely sure about this, but it may be something to do with TNEF, and changing the global settings to HTML or PLAIN TEXT may fix this. Would appreciate any other thoughts on this?
Yes, I'm pretty sure its TNEF.

Start with the first question and work down - we may have the answer before we get to the last...

Is RTF your default? (Shouldn't be, use HTML instead.)

Does MYOB use RTF messages? Does MYOB use custom template? (See bug below)

The copy in your sent folder: is it RTF or HTML?

Do the recipients receive an HTML or plain text message? How big is the message they get - a few KB or large enough to have the attachment?

One of two things could be the cause:

RTF message format results in a winmail.dat which is not readable except by Outlook.

MYOB uses a custom template and you are sending to an interent address. There is a bug where messages created using a custom template and sent using SMTP are converted to plain text. If this was the problem, they should receive the attachments (I think) - when i tested it with an HTML template that had pictures, the pictures were attached to the plain text message. Maybe its different if there is a real attachment, rather than embedded images. (This is on for fixing in June I think.)

Regardless, its not clickyes's doing. :) They just push buttons. If you use an antivirus scanner on your email it could be the cause too - removing the winmail.dat so even outlook users get just a plain text body, but that is less common. (Or it removes the attachment, leaving HTML body).
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