Outlook Automatically Change "From" address based on "To" address

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I have email@domain.com setup to forward a copy to myemail@myemail.com.

When someone sends an email to email@domain.com, I receive an email in my myemail@myemail.com showing the sender customer@customer.com and where he originally sent the email to, email@domain.com. I would like to have Outlook change the "From" address for me automatically based on who the sender sent the email to, this way the customer thinks they are getting a response back from the same email they originally sent the email to, and can continue to respond, vice-versa. Is there a rule type of setup where I can tell outlook, change the From address to blah@blah.com if the "To:" field says email@domain.com?

I hope this makes sense... Your help is extremely appreciated.
Hi, thank you for your response and sorry I had been away for a while. So in order to use the macro to auto populate the "From" field, I NEED to have that other account setup in outlook? Or is there just a way to populate it without the need for the other account to be setup?

The reason I ask is because this is Google Apps, and the entire reason all this has to get figured out is because of the issue with IMAP connection limited to 10. It's kicking other people out because of the exceeded connections, so I can't have people with that account anymore. I decided to create a distribution group and just foward a copy of all emails to that distribution group which all the users are joined to. The issue now is obviously, they don't want the users to respond via their personal emails, but to respond via the main email that the customers originally emailed into, and I want to have a way that will sort of automate the "From" to be that main email. Does this all make sense?
The account needs to be configured in Outlook - i'm not aware of a way to send it otherwise, without exposing the sender's address. Configure it as a POP account - use a fake name for the incoming server and configure the send receive settings to never check for new mail. Users won't download mail from the account - they will only send using it.
Thank you, I almost have everything set. Even though this isn't exactly what I wanted, I am curious if there is a way to write something in VBA that tells Outlook to look at the intended recipient and based on that, automatically select the account to send from.

For example, User sends an email to Support, Outlook see's that Support is the intended recipient, so when you choose to reply to that email, outlook automatically chooses the account you told it to send from if it matches the search.
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