Outlook - Search Criteria for Overdue Appointments

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Try due date on or before today. In the filter dialog, go to the advanced tab and select or type Due date, then on of before in the center selector and type Today in the criteria field.

You'll also want to include one for complete = no, or you'll get completed messages too.

This tip is similar and has a screenshot - the rule works the same for mail as it does for tasks: http://www.outlook-tips.net/index.php/2011/tip-860-show-all-past-due-and-upcoming-tasks/

BTW, you can type Completed in the field or select it from All Tasks - its not in all mail but the one in tasks works with mail.
Hi Diane,

Thank you for taking time to reply. I'm sorry for not explaining my question clearly.

I set reminder times for my emails and when they are due, I take action or update the reminder time for the overdue emails. I do this quickly using a search folder and cell edit. Additionally I have a custom text field for entering comments for my reference.

I want to have similar features for the recurring meeting / appointment entries in my Calendar, that are overdue.

Since Search Folder cannot be created through GUI for the Calendar folder, I used the code in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/817890 to create the Search Folder for the Calendar, which lists all the recurring calendar entries.

I want the individual occurrence of each overdue calendar meetings / appointments to be listed in a Search folder, so that I can dismiss / snooze / update a custom text field etc from this search folder, using cell edit. This is to overcome the non-resizable and non-customizable reminders pop-up window.

Can you please help how to get this output?

Thank you,

Can you use a calendar view on the folder? That is the only way to see recurring appointments as individual appt.
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