imap and pop accounts to new server?

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I will change some of my clients domains and emails to new server, what would be the easiest way to do this?

I belive pop is not so big problem, I could just make the change during weekend and update mailservers in clients Outlook?

What about imap? I heard that I need to create both old and new account to Outlook and transfer all the emails from account to account, to get those uploaded into new server? Problem is that clients have hundreds of mb data in those accounts.

What actually would happen if I just change receiving and sending server to excisting imap account? Would it update emails from Outlook to server, when it sees that server is empty? Or would it just empty Outlook folders?

Diane Poremsky

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What mail server are you using now? If the IMAP users want to have all of their old mail on the new server, it will need to be uploaded - users can do this by moving all mail from one set of imap folders to another. Yes, its a lot of traffic, but unless you have access to the backend of both servers and move the mail stores, its the only way. (Moving the mail on the backend may or may not work, it depends on the servers.) Don't disable the old server until all imap users have uploaded their mail - if they don't have full messages downloaded, they will need access to the old server.

One thing that will cut down on traffic is if users archive their mail, uploading only recent messages to the imap.

If you just change the imap server, outlook will resync the mailbox and delete all of the mail in outlook, so it matches the mailbox of the new server. I don't recommend this, unless you export or archive the old mailboxes first.
Is it possible to get "outbox" folder to appear and work in IMAP folder list? (Outlook 2007 and 2010)

Now when I am sending mail it goes to Outlook Data files "outbox" that is in different folder list. (after sending it will be tranferred to sent folder in IMAP account, that is correct)

Another question related to folder structure, how can I set correct sent and deleted folders in IMAP account in Outlook Express? Now they will go in Outlook Data file folders and I cannot find where to change this in account settings.

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
Email Account
Office 365 Exchange
NO. The contents of the imap folder are stored online so this would transfer the waiting mail to the server - it could make a mess.

AFAIK, you can't set the folders in outlook express.
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