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Outlook 2019 for Mac
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For whatever reason, my phone (WM 6.1) started deleting messages from the server BEFORE I can even read them. I have been wanting a WM7 phone from Verizon, but they are dragging their feet.

OK It's off my chest
How do you have it configured? Are they deleted from the phone and the server or from the server so outlook can't download them?
There is no option on the phone (like Outlook has) to "leave a copy on the server" Therefore if I opened one, the next time it downloaded it was deleted from the phone before I could have a copy on the desktop. So having email on my phone was useless, except to let me know I had email. In the last few days, they have been getting deleted even if I hadn't opened them on the phone. I am waiting for a WM7 phone from Verizon, but you know how that goes.
Can you configure it as an IMAP account on the phone? Are you sure its the phone doing it? Do you have another computer configured with the same account that could be deleting the messages?
No other computer but desktop. It is definitely the phone doing it.

One gmail and the phone sets it up automatically, and one OWA accessed via POP3.
Remove the Pop3 account... problem solved. :) Turning it off when you aren't using it would also help. My guess is that it is configured to check every xx minutes, so it does when its turned on.

Think verizon will be getting WM7 phones any time soon?
Yes, I removed the POP. Then set to check gmail manually. Verizon has been inching toward WM7 phones slo-o-o-o-owly. Their allegiance seems to be to android. A whole new set of opportunities with WM7 and the cloud. Thank you.
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