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I currently have 2 mail profiles, one is a POP3 email account and the other one is an Exchange one.

Everytime I launch outlook I am asked which profile I want to use.

Either one works fine.

Is there any way to add the exchange mail account to the pop3 one so I don't have to log out and log in again everytime I want to read my emails from the other account?

So in summary I want to add the exchange mail account to the pop3 one not the other way around (adding the pop3 to exchange).

Thanks and help is appreciated
You can't "merge" the profiles but you can add the exchange account to the pop account's profile or add the POP account to the Exchange profile. The Exchange account should be set as default - but if you leave mail on the POP server, its less hassle to add the exchange account to the POP profile then set the Exchange account as default. You will need to download the contents of the Exchange mailbox - you can't reuse the pst file.
The problem is that I cannot add the exchange account to the POP3 one in one single profile.

If I try to do that I get the following message:

"You cannot add a Microsfot Exchange account to this profile while Outlook is running. Exit Outlook and use the Mail icon in the Control Panel to add a Microsoft Exchange account."

It is basically telling me to add another profile which is what I already have and not looking for.

no, its telling you to open the profile from the control panel and add the account.

Click the profile button after you open Mail and then double click on the profile you want to edit.
Ok, now the same problem I was dealing with a few weeks ago and where I found a lot of solutions that never worked.

Some a little bit dangerous like editing the registry, reinstalling outlook, reinstall windows, etc.

I get the following message:

"The action cannot be completed. The connection to Microsfot Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be onlineor connected to complete this action".

It would probably be easier to add the pop account to the exchange profile, since its already working. <g>

What version of Exchange do you connect to? This error means outlook can't find it, usually because of autodiscover issues. See for one resolution (does require editing the registry).
Thanks for the link but that article does not apply to me.

"Note If you do not find the ZeroConfigExchange registry value in either of the registry locations that are mentioned earlier, you are not experiencing the problem that is described in this article"

Here is some information about Exchange:

---------------------------------------------------Mailbox owner:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; GTB6.6; InfoPath.2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E)

Outlook Web Access experience: Premium

User language:

User time zone:

Exchange mailbox address:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Outlook Web Access host address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Outlook Web Access version:

Outlook Web Access host name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

S/MIME control: not installed

Client Access server name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Exchange Client Access server .NET Framework version: 2.0.50727.3607

Client Access server operating system version: Microsoft Windows NT 5.2.3790 Service Pack 2

Client Access server operating system language: en-US

Microsoft Exchange Client Access server version:

Client Access server language: en-US

Client Access server time zone: Central Standard Time

Microsoft Exchange Client Access server platform: 64bit

Mailbox server name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mailbox server Microsoft Exchange version:

Other Microsoft Exchange server roles currently installed on the Client Access server: Hub Transport

Authentication type associated with this Outlook Web Access session: Basic

Public logon: Yes

Custom Forms: loaded

---------------------------------------------------What you are recommending is what I am trying right now and it seems to work somehow although I would prefer the other way around since all of the employees from my company have installed and using right now POP3 Outlook.

Any other workaround you can think of?

You've been of great help.
Ok I was available to add the exchange email account to the POP3 one.

The problem had to do with the VPN.

If I don't log into VPN, Outlook will keep saying all those messages about could not connect, etc.

Now the problem seems to be with the offline address book.

All emails are being transferred with no problem but at the time the OAB wants to start the transference an error message pops up.

If I deselect downloading OAB from the send and receive settings I get no errors.

I am not very familiar with the OAB but some websites suggest adding a host name to the host file.

Anyone can shed some light?

Oh, i wish i knew you used VPN and not Outlook Anywhere - you'll probably get errors with the pop3 when the vpn is up and with the exchange acct when its down.

The oab should download ok - but it can take 24 hours for it to be pushed out. What is the error message?
I get Send/Receive error.

Task 'Microsoft Exchange' reported error (0x8004010F): 'The operation failed. An object cannot be found.'

This is if I don't have the VPN application running.

The POP3 account works fine whether the VPN is running or not.

By the way the OAB was downloaded in about 5 minutes or less when I logged into the VPN. Is this normal?

You are lucky. Most VPN's are configured to block outside access - so with it up, you would only be able to get into company resources. Browsing or accessing anything outside the company network is impossible - its done for security reasons. It certainly makes it easier for users to work on VPN when you aren't limited to company resources.

The OAB, doesn't take long to download, once it starts (although it depends on the company size too - it's pretty huge in some companies.) Its just that there is a delay on outlook looking for updates - it automatically checks once a day.
Actually when I log into the VPN (which is to access another companie's resources) I am not able to access my local LAN resources like shared drives but I am able to use the POP3 account and surf the web.

So the question is how can I download the OAB from the other company if I'm not logged into the VPN?

If I try to ping the Exchange server while the VPN is not running if fails to, but if I log into VPN ping becomes successful.

I am just trying to figure out how to write a document so that the users can setup on their outlook's POP3 account the other email account that has an Exchange server.

Easiest thing to do so that they not get any errors would be to disable the downloading of the OAB but I'm not sure if that would be a good idea.

Unless the company has outlook anywhere enabled and you have the profile configured to use it, there isn't much you can do - you need to download the offline address book using VPN.

Are you using cached mode or classic online? If you use cached mode, the offline address book will be available when you are 'offline'.
Yes I am using cache mode.

So what I could do is tell the users to connect to the VPN ONLY for the first time when setting up the exchange account to the POP3 one in order for tjhem to have the latest OAB on their hard drives.

After this, uncheck the "Download offline address book" from the Send/Receive settings menu so they don't get the error that the object was not found.

I can also tell them to connect to the VPN and download the OAB maybe 2 or 3 times a month.

What do you think? Makes sense?

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