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Is it possible to set up an email rule for a user based on alias address?

Discussion in 'Exchange Server Questions' started by David_H, May 17, 2011.

  1. David_H


    Senior Member
    Hello, I recently switched to using Exchange for all of my email and am having a hard time doing some things that were very easy using my POP accounts. I used to maintain multiple pop accounts (info@domain.com, sales@domain.com) and direct each account to a different folder based on rules. Since it's not practical to have 7 different Exchange accounts I decided to use one primary account in Exchange and create what I believe are typically referred to as alias addresses for all the extras.

    Now I just want to create a rule that directs mail sent to the alias address to the appropriate folder. But this basic function seems to be missing from Exchange?? If I try to create an OWA rule the only option I have is "select "when the message arrives and it was received from", and the only email address I can choose is the primary email address, I cannot choose any of my alias addresses. I even tried manually typing in one of the alias addresses at this step, and it accepts it, but then just applies that rule to ALL incoming mail.

    Is there a workaround? I also have control at the Exchange level, though creating a rule there seems to be identical. This is using Office 365 for what it's worth.

    Also, I think I could implement this in Outlook where I can do things like look for words in the address, but I want this to apply across all computers and mobile devices, as opposed to being a client rule that only runs in outlook. Hence the reason I am trying to implement it using OWA or Exchange.

  2. Diane Poremsky

    Diane Poremsky

    Senior Member
    Assuming the mail is coming from the internet and not from other exchange users, you could use a rule that looks for the address in the header and filter on that - it won't work for bulk mail or BCC as the actual address won't be in the header.

    FWIW, if you have outlook 2010, you can add multiple exchange accounts to a profile easily - its useful for any acccount you need to replay from as it's next to impossible to reply from the alias addresses.
  3. David_H


    Senior Member
    Thanks Diane, I've set up the rules based on headers and it's working well. But as you say, I've discovered how hard it is to reply from an alias.

    BTW, have you discovered the secret of cloning yourself? Because every time I search on some Outlook question, there you are somewhere on the Internet answering it!
  4. Diane Poremsky

    Diane Poremsky

    Senior Member
    No I haven't cloned myself, but i wish i could. <g>

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