Multiple Calendars issue - how to delete?

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I have a large amount of old e-mails stored in about 20 different data files within Outlook 2010. I'm a very heavy user of Outlook and file away well over 100 messages a day. I need to for legal reasons. Most of these data files are well over 1Gb each.

Recently I tried to install a auto-filing application (wolf something or other) and, before I could stop it, it added a additional set of folders into each and every data file. Specifically, it added a Drafts Folder, a Junk E-mail folder, an RSS Feeds folder, a Calendar folder, a Contacts Folder, a Journal Folder, a Notes Folder and a Tasks folder to every one of my 20 data files. As the damn software didn't work, I am still filing manually, but now my life is significantly harder as I have about 20 x 10 = 200 additional, empty, folders to scroll through.

Furthermore, in the Calendar application, I now have 20 calendars to contend with, whereas I need and use only one (in my main mailbox).

And of course, I cannot delete these folders as you cannot delete a Calendar folder, etc. etc. That option is grayed out from the right-click menu.

There must be a way to delete these... please help, its driving me spare.

Yes, I probably could set up 20 new data files and drag everything across, but given the size of everything, that would take me probably a day to sort out.

Any assistance very much appreciated.

Many thanks.

Diane Poremsky

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yikes, the program made the pst files think they were the defaults (or it treated each as the default) and created the default folder. I'd try MFCMAPI to delete the extra folders - get it from If you need help using it, the articles here; should get you pointed in the right direction. If you still need help, i'll write up the exact instructions in the morning.
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