How to remove an email from a grouped conversation Outlook 2010

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Robin Fisher

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Outlook 2010 32 bit
Does anyone know how to remove an email that has been grouped into a conversation? The user in question is running Outlook 2010 and our network server is running Outlook 2003.


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If a message is erroneously grouped with other messages (because the subject is the same), you can't do anything to change it - except not use conversation view. You could also delete it. :) This should only happen with exchange 2007 and older. Other accounts and Exchange 2010 mailbox should handle groups better.

I have a few messages that i get daily from web server etc and now that I'm used it to, i kinda like having them grouped together. When i forget to review them one day, they all bubble to the top the next day. Same for spam that slips through, out of office replies to our newsletter etc - i can easily delete it all in one move.

Brian Mc

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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It is annoying that there is no simple method, I'd like to see a right-click "remove from conversation". However, one partially succesful work-around: you can Move (in right click menu in 2010) the message to a different folder, and that will sorta pull it out of the conversation thread (but it is really just placing it deeper). I say sorta because it does not show up on the first level of conversation expansion, but it is still there if you fully expand the conversation (you can only see that if you checkbox Conversation Settings>> Show Messages from Other Folders). This works better if you have Conversation view turned off in the 2nd folder.
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